Pamela A. Banks, Attorney at Law

Admitted in New York and Connecticut

Banks Law LLC

Welcome to Banks Law

Banks Law LLC is law firm committed to providing practical, individualized legal services to both corporate and individual clients.

Corporate Clients:  With over 23 years of legal experience in representing and counseling business clients (both private and public entities) I know how to partner with businesses and their management - working with you to seamlessly integrate the legal realities of running a business with profits and growth.   It is like having your own General Counsel on staff.  [See my profile]

 Individual Clients:  With over 23 years of legal experience, including almost 10 years as a partner of a community-focused law firm, I am a trusted advisor for your personal needs.  Personal service and communication is critical.  [See my profile)
Looking for someone to “just take a look”, “offer guidance and counsel behind the scenes” or “take it all on and negotiate on your behalf” – I can help.  I will work with you and for you to determine the right level of legal services for you.

  I can assist with a broad range of issues/matters including:


  Business and Commercial


  Real Estate (residential and commercial)


  Distribution Counseling


Firm Practice Areas

I welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your business and to be a resource for day-to-day issues that arise. I can review, draft and negotiate general correspondence as well as contracts and agreements to support your business operations, including vendor and outsourcing agreements, manufacturing agreements, marketing and licensing agreements, product distribution, software licenses, and service provider agreements, employment and separation agreements, web development and hosting agreements, as well as web-site terms and conditions and privacy policies.

Business and Commercial
I can help you take the mystery out of identifying the appropriate legal structure for your business and assist you with achieving appropriate controls and relationships with shareholder/members, employees and vendors.  I can assist you in creating the “tone from the top”, including developing business policies and guidelines in compliance with applicable laws. 

I will work with you and your financial advisor to ensure that all business, tax and corporate governance considerations are coordinated to meet your business goals and objectives.  I offer comprehensive legal advice from start-up through ownership and operational issues, to succession planning and other transitional events.  I will help you set up the framework that works for you – and help you adjust it as your business grows.  I can draft and negotiate shareholder agreements, operating agreements, partnership agreements and/or joint venture agreements and related buy/sell agreements; consummate acquisitions and divestitures of businesses and negotiate loan agreements.

Real Estate
I have considerable experience in the field of real estate law, from single-family real estate transactions to complicated retail, office and warehouse developments, including new construction.

I understand the complexities of real estate law and possess the business acumen to identify risks and offer pragmatic solutions.  I can assist you with the following:

          Leasing:  Representing lessors and lessees in retail, office and other commercial transactions as well as residential lease agreements.
          Residential purchases and sales:  I can work with you on purchases, sales, refinances, and construction financing of residential properties, including single

          or  multi- family residences and condominiums.
          Commercial purchases and sales:  I can work with you on purchases, sales, refinances, and construction financing of office and retail developments,

          including shopping centers.

Employment Law
In my representation of individual clients I can counsel you on employment-related matters, including reviewing and negotiating employment and/or separation agreements, confidentiality agreements as well as assisting in workplace-related and pre/post- employment disputes. 

In my representation of business clients, I provide advice and counsel concerning employment issues.  I can help you set up the right HR structure, preparing employee policies and procedures manuals/handbooks, stock option programs, employee compensation plans, confidentiality agreements, trade secret protection strategies and procedures, and non-competition covenants.  I partner with and counsel management on the preparation and interpretation of employment-related agreements as well as assist in the resolution of workplace-related and pre/post-employment disputes including preparation of employment and/or separation agreements.  I can help you navigate through labor issues or negotiations so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Franchising and Distribution: 
Looking to purchase a franchise?  I can assist you with your due diligence if you are considering buying a franchise business and counsel you through the franchising process.  I can evaluate Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD’s), providing a comprehensive review of the risks and rewards, rights and obligations, and advantages and drawbacks of a particular franchise opportunity.  If you decide to purchase a franchise, I can assist with any needed negotiations with the Franchisor, coordinating with their financial advisors, helping them with financing such as 401(k) roll-overs, SBA loans, and Franchisor-lending.  Once established I can assist you in your interface with the Franchisor.

If you are a Franchisor, I can negotiate with franchisees and potential franchisees and assist you with the protection of your brand and enforcement of your franchise system.  I can act as corporate counsel for those franchisors who prefer not to retain an attorney on staff.

Trademark, Copyright &  E-Commerce
I can provide advice and assistance in developing a program to maximize the value of your intellectual property.  I can prepare cease-and-desist notifications to infringers, and otherwise take actions on your behalf to protect and preserve your trademarks and copyrights.  I can draft license agreements to license your intellectual property assets and generate an income stream.

Marketing and Advertising
I can work with you and review marketing material and advertising for compliance with applicable laws, not only raising or flagging issues but offering suggestions and solutions for your consideration.

Looking for someone to "just take a look", "offer guidance and counsel behind the scenes" or "take it all on and negotiate on your behalf" - I can help.  I will work with you and for you to determine the right level of legal services for you.